Royal Black Lagoon - 50 ml - Complete Plant Food

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Royal Black lagoon- takes care of plants & amp #39;s nutrition and food requirements.It is a highly concentrated biotechnology product developed on the basis of organic molecular chemistry. The unique extraction method from different herbs, gives pure L - Amino acid with organic Carbon and other essential nutrients required by plants. This product is versatile which can be used during growth, flowering and fruit setting.

Advantages: -Increase the size, taste and flavor of fruits. It provides good C:N ratio to plant. Make plants stronger by activating defense mechanism in plants by hardening cell wall. Stimulate growth and reduce flower dropping. Increase cell life of plant and boost growth, has naturally available traces of macro and micro-nutrients which help in overall development of plant. It’s an anti stress product in any condition of environment change like drought, flood, cold, heat etc. and increase soil fertility, soil cation exchange capacity & improve EC of soils for high mineral uptake and Increases capacity of soil to hold water and nutrients.

Contents :Hydrosol ZGGx : Zeatin 1.2% ,Anthraquinone 0.2% ,L Amino Acid 5%,Organic Carbon 8%,Active Humic content: 2.5%,Actice Fulvic content 0.5%,Folic Acid 0.1% N: 0.5%,P: 0.2%,K: 6%,Ca 0.2%,Fe 0.05% ,Zn 0.12%,Mg 0.1%,Mn 0.02%,Cu 40 ppm,Boron 44 ppm,Sulphur 0.5%,Mo 6 ppm

Application time :3 leaf stage, mid term growth, after fruit set. For Poly house and hydroponic: On Regular basis

Application - Foliar Spray – As per recommended dose, mix the required amount of Royal Black Lagoon in water with sufficient agitation to maintain a uniform suspension in the spray or mixing tank which should be cleaned prior to use. Do not use highly alkaline or highly acidic water to mix sprays. Apply immediately after mixing; do not allow spray mix to stand overnight.

When To Foliar Spray -The best time to spray is late in the afternoon or in the early dawn, when temperatures are mild and wind is minimal.Absorption is further enhanced when weather conditions are humid and moist. The presence of dew on leaves facilitates foliar feeding. Absorption is maximized when the spray coats the underside of leaves where the majority of the stomata are located. Avoid spraying during the height of solar indexing (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM) to avoid burning the leaves.

Storage Instructions – Store in a clean and dryplace at temperature above 0*C and up to 42*C.Do not store in direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed.

Precaution – Wear appropriate protective clothing like mask, gloves and goggles when there is potential of high aerosol conditions or direct prolonged contact with the product. In case of contact with skin and eyes wash with copious and cold water. Keep away from children and pets.

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